Boarding Packages

We have a 500 square foot boarding facility and a 2,500 square foot fenced-in natural area, complete with trees, rocks, sticks, shade and sun!  We provide coolaroo beds for your dog while they stay with us. Monday through Friday our boarding dogs get to meet our daycare dogs and enjoy the same daycare schedule.

Physical Exercise & Mental Stimulation

The outdoor area was specifically designed in such a manner to teach your dog how to socialize with other pets and humans. Also, with the variety of trees around them and a great expanse of landscape, dogs are able to get the required amount of exercise.



Pricing starts at $25 per dog, per day. For owners who want to board two dogs in the same kennel, we discount the price to $45 per day. No charge on the last day if the dogs are picked up by 10am. Owners are asked to provide their own food.

Training and walks can also be added for an additional fee, as well as baths, brushes, and nail trims!

Dog Playing - Dog Boarding
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