The Perfect Dog Day Care for Active Pets

Dog owners in need of a great dog day care need to look no further than Off The Beaten Trail, LLC in Newark, Vermont. This is great for busy individuals who have pets that are active.
Trainer with dogs - Dog Day Care

Day Care vs. Keeping Them At Home

One of the major objections we have from hesitant clients is that it would be more cost-effective to just leave their pets at home, rather than having someone else take care of them. While true in one sense, it could potentially be more harmful for your dog in the long run. Dog day care meets your pet's needs for attention, activity, and supervision.


You Come Home to a Happier Pet

Similar to day cares for children, you drop off your dog in the morning, and your pet has the chance to play and learn while you are working. When you come back to pick them up, all pent-up energy is spent, and you are left with a happier, more relaxed dog. Our dog day care is $20 a day, per dog, for up to 9 hours. Walking service can be added for an additional fee. 

We only accept cash or check, No credit/debt cards
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